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July 2016

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    An Open Letter To The Invisible Girl

    Hello beautiful,

    This is a letter to you, to someone who thinks she isn’t good enough for anyone because she’s known as invisible.

    There are many of you in the world and every one of you have your own story, a story that means to be shared to someone special, whether it be a close friend, your best girl/guy friend, or a potential boyfriend – I know, the latter sounds I’m stretching a bit. I know not all of you have been in a relationship before and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; in fact, it makes you even more special to that someone who will finally see you as the incredible woman you are. You have been broken into pieces and you’re struggling to put yourself back together. Time is the ultimate healer and pairing time with good and faithful friendships will help you get back to where you want to be.

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