Hello everyone! I’m Jen, an amateur/freelance photographer living in Denver, Colorado. As a native of this beautiful state, I enjoy being outside in beautiful weather with beautiful scenery. Living in Colorado, there is rarely a time where light isn’t ideal, which is why I believe natural light is the best light to capture the moments in life that we want to last forever.

I will always find new and exciting ways to connect and make every single client experience unique to them as well as perfect for them.

Read on for a tiny History Lesson…

Photography was something I picked up as a talent in high school, and not long after, I made it a hobby. While in college, I had learned more about photography by taking courses to challenge my eye and slow down my process of taking photos. Within the past ten years, I discovered I was a decent photographer at baseball games and through the years, I have been challenging myself each time I walk into the ballpark with my camera.

In 2017, I was fortunate to shadow one of the most talented photographers in Colorado – and around the world – for a wedding in Southern Colorado. I didn’t just get to learn from Ashley – Ashley Tyler Studios – but I was also able to assist and step in and take photos as well. Over the course of the day, I gained so much information and experience that will only help me grow even more as a photographer.

I work part-time as a school photographer for a small family company in the Denver and surrounding areas. The best part of the job is being able to continuously learn to take better photos each and every day, along with creatively setting up sports portraits – which is my favorite part of the job.

Outside of photography, I also have a hobby of graphic and web designing that began when I was only twelve years old. I have been in the world of web design since then and it’s something that I absolutely love to do.