Step In The Right Direction

This is long overdue, considering I traveled down to Pueblo a month ago, but here we go…

Months ago after going to a Colorado Rockies game with a friend I’ve known for years, she offered to teach me all that she’s learned about the photography industry, while we were wandering downtown after the game. She told me that most of what she learned was when she was interning/shadowing another photographer and she gave me the invitation because she trusts me and thought that it would help me down the road if I ever decided to go into the business professionally.

After mauling it over all summer, I finally decided to take her up on the offer – even though I still don’t know if I want to pursue photography as a career – and she asked me to join her for a wedding in late September.

That morning, we met at a Starbucks in Pueblo and she showed me what her packages look like as well as her notes for the wedding. Bonus: she appreciated that I showed up on time, especially since showing up late isn’t considered being professional and it also shows that you’re not serious about the job.

After we finished up at Starbucks, we headed down to the church and headed in to find the bride. We greeted her, started taking a few pictures, then we left to take pictures of the church and to find the groom. Ashley took pictures of the groom preparing while I was wandering around taking pictures. Once the ceremony began, I stayed back and mostly watched Ashley do her thing, popping up to take pictures here and there, then returned back to the back of the church for the recession. Once the ceremony was over, I became her assistant and made sure the wedding party was hanging around at the church for pictures there before we went to the Rosemount Museum for portraits.

This is where I just got to stand back – assist – and watch a professional at work. Ashley knew exactly what she wanted and she coached everyone perfectly to get the shots she wanted. Once we were done with photos at the church, we went down the street to the museum and I continued to watch Ashley pose and coach the bride and groom to get the best shots; this time, I got to jump in and take photos as well.

I got so much out of being able to watch Ashley work with everyone to get the best shots from the ceremony to every single portrait she took. The one thing I definitely will have to work on in the future will to pose and coach clients to get the right photos. I think that when I continue to shadow Ashley, I will learn so much more and possibly even to pose and coach as well.

Click on the photos below to check out some of my shots – on both my camera and my phone!

If you’d like to check out Ashley’s work, head to her website or her Facebook Page!

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