Would you like the quick version?

or the boring long version?


Well, first of all, I’m not like all the other bloggers/personal site girls around. I’m not special or talented in anything, I haven’t found God, I haven’t fallen in love, I don’t have a special way with words to get you to like me or take my side about something, I’m not an entrepreneur or branding myself – I’m just me. Simple and low-maintanence.

I was born and raised in Colorado. Colorado girl to the bone – unless it comes to the cold and snow and skiing/snowboarding. I’ve basically lived all over the front range and southern Colorado. I spent more than half my life in a city that everyone just passes through to get to Colorado Springs or Denver… or New Mexico if you’re going south. It’s a city that bleeds for high school football rivalries and the home of the 2014 Division II National Champion Football Team… the Colorado State University-Pueblo Thunderwolves. After finishing college at CSU-Pueblo, I moved up to Denver to initially start graduate school to earn a Master of Arts degree in Sport Psychology, but unfortunately, life – and debt – got in the way.

So here I am… I’m trying to find a new dream while being realistic about it. I’m still trying to find who I am and who I’m supposed to be. While searching, I’m still doing a few things that I consider hobbies. One hobby in particular I’ve had this crazy idea that I’d actually be able to turn into a career one day, but how can I do it when I rarely go out and showcase what I’ve got? It’s tough. I’ve always been some sort of artist and photography has been near and dear to my heart since 2009.

Anyway, you’re pretty much caught up on the mysterious babbling of my life.